Monday, 6 June 2011

Preview Images Are Here!

Just a couple of quick images of all the items finished SO FAR for the auction.

I will be making more to add to it, including some very cute things which we'll see more of in the tutorial update tommorrow!

But for now, here's the brooches and soaps.  Now, in order to get enough items finished in time, and following difficulties getting HP soap to conform to molds properly these are MP soaps, meaning they are from a readymade base rather than my usual from-scratch HP recipe.  But I think you'll agree they are ADORABLE!

I had hoped to have finished a few sets of runestone soaps to add to the collection, too.  Sadly, the runestone mold split across when I was unmolding the first batch, which also turned out to be flawed, so unless I can repair the mold in time that won't be a possibility.

Once again, as I said if anyone would like to contribute items to add variety to the auction, I would be delighted to include your items in the lots.

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