Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday Playdates! Susueliza

It's time for our next interview, and this week we'll be joined by Susueliza, who makes an impressive range of items from adorable, chintzy teacup candles to stunning weatherglass items.

Tell me a little about yourself, Susueliza. You make quite a variety of items.
I am a Fine Art graduate from University College Falmouth, and I love making beautiful, useful or just interesting things! I have a rather short attention span and I like to think it means I create “limited edition” pieces, since I sometimes haven’t even finished the first project before I’m on to the next :-S but what I do get finished goes into my new Misi shop.

How long have you been a crafter?
Thanks to my Mother I have always been making crafts. She didn’t like to leave me in front of the TV so instead she would keep me busy with a constant stream of things to make.

How long does it take to make some of your pieces? Is there a lot of work involved?
Some of my items, like my Teacup Candles, are pretty quick to make, taking as little as 30min (not including test times or setting!). Once I have the wax measured and melted it’s just pour, pour, pour! On the other hand I can spend weeks trying to make a good Weather Station. First I have to find the driftwood, then get a good set of instruments, then carefully cut out the right bits so I can put the two together... 

Tell me about the barometers and weather glasses you make. That isn't something you see every day!
The Weather Stations are really my OH’s baby. The idea was originally his, and we have worked together on most of them (the ones he makes by himself we sell elsewhere). Its great fun working with him, especially because the end product is so much more masculine than anything else I make. The really special thing is that every piece of driftwood sparks a lovely memory of the beach... the surf... the BBQ that we had when we picked it up.

What gave you the idea to start selling your items online?
As I said I’m a recent graduate... so I have a lot of debt and a job that simply cannot cover more than the most basic lifestyle, but I can’t stay away from making stuff for long or I go booooring. At the same time my BH (lovely though he is) was starting to grumble that there wasn’t anywhere for him to keep his stuff since every cupboard in our tiny flat was rammed with my projects. So I came to a compromise. I decided to try to sell some of my craftings so that I can afford to buy more materials, and clear some space. I started on Ebay but I got so frustrated with the politics that I have now moved most of my items over to Misi... a wonderful place where no-one is penalised for not having free P&P or the most popular description!!

Do you do custom work, or would you be willing to if asked?
I would love to do custom work. If anyone has an idea they would like realising please drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do!

What other crafts interest you? Do you have any hobbies?
It might be quicker for me to list what I don’t do or haven’t done, but here goes! I crochet, spin, dye, weave, peg-loom weave, sew, embroider (freehand and currently learning crewel), make willow baskets, candles, rag-rug, work with wood & carve, make moulds, jewellery, paint, sculpt, embellish cups and teapots, make felt creatures, calligraphy... there are probably some other things I’ve missed too! I love learning and doing new things, I’m even currently halfway to becoming a qualified hairdresser! After that I’m going to do plumbing or electrics.. I haven’t decided which yet! :D

Do you have a blog where buyers can keep up to date on your work?
My (new and first!) blog is 

Where can buyers find you if they want to purchase your items?
Please come to

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? 
I’m planning on having an offer on as often as I can... check out my misi shop, facebook page twitter and on my blog for details!

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