Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday Playdates! Loobycrafts

Starting this week, a new regular feature called Thursday Playdates. Each Thursday, volunteers willing, I'll interview a Misi crafter and seller and let you know a little bit about them.

First up this week, is Loobycraft, who makes handmade cards and stationary, and offers some really cute pieces.

So Looby, tell me a little about yourself. You make handcrafted cards
and stationary, is that your main focus?

Cards were where it all began for me, and it has evolved from there really. Basically I love playing with paper and paints and stamps, it's often joked that if anything sits still too long in my house, it will be covered in paper - I just love to "prettify" things!

How long have you been a crafter?
I've always enjoyed making things, since I was a child. I have vivid memories of painting in the garden when I was little. As a teenager I started doing some cross stitch kits, and then I started cardmaking in 2004 - it snowballed from there really.

How long does it take to make some of your pieces? Is there a lot of
work involved?

It depends on the piece - some cards some be very quick to make, others can take ages, depending on the detail involved. Probably the most time consuming aspect of the cards, is hand colouring the stamp images I use. With the home decor projects, it's waiting for the paint to dry.

None of my pieces take that long though - mainly because I'm impatient by nature and like quick results!

Where do you draw inspiration for some of your pieces? I notice most of
your work has a very colourful, cartoony style.

I love bright colours - particularly pink! Which is probably why most of my stuff is quite girly. I don't really know where my inspiration comes from to be honest, I just sit and play until I come up with something I like!

What gave you the idea to start selling your items online?
After several years of crafting, I had amassed a huge stock of cards etc. and someone suggested I had a stall at a craft fair. To my surprise, it was very successful and as soon as I got home I googled where I could sell my stuff, found the MISI site, and the rest is history!

Do you do custom work, or would you be willing to if asked?
Yes, I love to do custom orders! Particularly special cards as they are a real challenge - I've been asked to make a Moomin new home card, an Incredible Hulk birthday card, and a Penguin themed notebook amongst others!

There are lots of examples on my facebook page

What other crafts interest you? Do you have any hobbies?
I enjoy scrapbooking and altered as well as cardmaking. My main hobby is my Horse, although I'm told that's more of an obsession than a hobby!

Do you have a blog where buyers can keep up to date on your


Where can buyers find you if they want to purchase your items?
They can find me on MISI and they can email me  if they'd like to discuss a custom order.

Great, thank you!  Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
Thanks for reading!

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