Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekend Treats - Shinies!

I've got a lovely selection to share with you today! Now, I'm not all too accustomed to wearing jewellery; I spend so much of my time gardening, cooking and making soap that it just gets dirty or broken, but there really is nothing quite so nice as treating yourself, or a loved one, to something unique and pretty for special occasions.

If there is one thing buyers are spoiled for choice with on Misi, it's jewellery. There is such a range of handmade, unique and beautiful work available for incredible prices, and I'll confess it was very difficult to restrict myself to just a few shops.

Here we go, then!

First up today, with a stunning, cute and very chic floral ribbon bracelet is Maffa.

I simply love the colours in this piece. The muted green and subtle flecks of pink on a silver coloured chain, and the simple elegance of the design. With this style of jewellery it can be so easy to add too much, but this piece is perfectly balanced and could go just as well paired with a coordinating casual tunic and leggins as with a light, Summery dress.

Maffa offers a range of similar pieces in equally beautiful colour combinations and I highly recommend you take a look! I was particularly tempted by a similar bracelet in a ligth brown with purple flowers on the beads. Two colours I love to wear together, but which can sometimes be heavy for the Summer, combined beautifully in a light, airy piece.

One of my favourite pieces overall this week comes from AnnaMcCade, with her stunning etched metal jewellery.

I'm something of a lover of the Norse Gods and feel a special affinity with Odin, so this twin raven cuff in a bold, solid design really appeals to me. The wide, chunky cuff is bold without being bulky, and the quality of the etching is second to none.

I chose a fairly muted piece from AnnaMcCade's collection, but I was sorely tempted by some of her more dramatic offerings; copper etched bracelets with a rainbow sheen to them. Simply stunning!

Given AnnaMcCade's stated enthusiasm for custom work, I am particularly excited! Just imagine an etched copper bracelet with a custom design incorporating runic charms and elegant, elegant raven imagery. Or an offcentre closeup on some winding boughs of Yggdrasil!

What is more, the price of the pieces currently available is incredibly good value.

Next is RosieJo's rough-edged and dramatic fools gold cube necklace.

I love the raw, earthy feel to the piece, and the simple elegance of the overall design. Fools gold is sorely underused in the jewellery trade as it has a really lovely appearance and a cute, chunky cubic crystalline structure, which has been used at its best here.

RosieJo also has some gentler pieces, including felted necklaces and gemstone jewellery, so there is a real range of choices available at her shop.

The geologist in me (yes, I studied geology, I really am that geeky) is absolutely in love with the ammonite cufflinks available at Off The Cuff.

Lovely, simple pieces which have enough sparkle for formalwear while being different from the usual cufflinks available. Off The Cuff also offers watch-parts based cufflinks as well, and I would be very interested to see what other items they may start to offer in the future. Ooh, trilobite cufflinks maybe?  But not lingula. No one loves lingula.

Carrieholder's steampunk charm bracelet is very pleasing on the eyes.

There is so much going on in this bracelet without it being crowded, that it is a real feast for the eyes. This would work well with a whole range of steampunk outfits and you certainly wont' find anything like it anywhere else.

I hope you enjoyed drooling over the shineys as much as I did. Remember; this is just a small selection of what was available!

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